Per Catalans Lliures

Yes to a trade-oriented country.

Yes to a nation where talent can beat status.

Yes to inclusive finance institutions and a Development Bank to spread the country’s interests and investments in emerging and frontier markets (e.g. FMO).

Yes to radical transparency and obsessive decentralization in every tax, banking, legal and bureaucratic public system.

Yes to commit and invest in leading research centers and connect them to both education and the private sector.

Yes to a digital, design, IT, biotech, pharma and media clusters.

Yes to carry the torch of Private Equity and Venture Capital in Southern Europe.

Yes to an airport and port hubs and public transport networks where political criteria will never be the chosen one.

Yes to support (in a western Europe sense) agriculture, empowering countryside regions.

Yes to an absolute intolerance for crony capitalism and the civic duty of calling it out.

Yes to a short and to-be-continuously-tweaked Constitution via referendums à la Suisse.

Yes to a bilingual society where no one will be asked what did they vote for or where did they come from.

Yes to allow and promote self-determination, on a personal and collective level.

Let’s observe what works out there and emulate it as best we can. A blank canvas.

Yes for everyone that fought for it, dreaming as we are, but could not shape the future.

@____AGM____  Amsterdam, 28th September of 2017.