About us

Our aim is to ensure that political and economic liberalism have the greatest possible influence over both public opinion and Catalan government institutions.

Our mission: a free and liberal Catalonia

El Col·lectiu Catalans Lliures (CCL), or The Free Catalans Collective, is a think tank formed in 2016 by a group of citizens from civil society who pledged to introduce liberal discourse and proposals towards the formation of the new country model.

We are an independent, non-partisan player promoting knowledge, discussion and idea generation who is committed to deep, rigorous thought, and whose aim is to decidedly influence both public opinion and Catalan government institutions.

Our platform is devised as a conduit for participation and influence in social debate. We serve as a bridge between the academic world, civil society and public agents for uniting efforts and contributing to the progress of Catalan society.

Our founding principles

1.Acceptance of pluralism

2. Practise of tolerance

3. Protection of civil rights

4. Defence of individual liberties

5. Promotion of inclusive institutions

6. Development of open societies

7. Creation of a free market economy

8. Commitment to fiscal moderation

A compelling, meaningful and innovative forward-looking project

To achieve these objectives, Catalans Lliures organises events for stimulating reflection, such as courses, seminars, dinners, conferences, debates and round tables; produces publications, videos and research reports in its Laboratory; and dedicates time and effort to widely distributing its ideas on freedom via campaigns and presence in the media.

CCL is made up of people from a wide range of ages and professions. All members share the need to provide the country with the capacity of independent and rigorous self-analysis. The Collective also seeks to become an organisation that is well connected on both the European and world scales, collaborating with other leading institutions from the international liberal landscape.

CCL’s protocol follows three key pillars: research, outreach and influence over the design of public policies. We seek to influence the creation of sound economic and social policies using an evidence-based approach.

A protocol with three key pillars




We believe in you

Catalans Lliures is a private, not-for-profit organisation with no political affiliation, whose funding comes from private individuals and institutions who share its objectives. CCL accepts no grants or financial support from political parties or government agencies.

By self-limiting our sources of funding, we exhibit cohesiveness and a guarantee of our independence. We are obliged to seek funding for our activities from people like you who consider freedom to be a prized asset.

We invite all those who endorse these principles to work with us to contribute knowledge, offer reflection and generate and disseminate ideas. It’s here that a tool is born to address the challenges of the future and to construct an open, prosperous society of free citizens. It’s here that Catalans Lliures is born.

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